Improve your golf swing with the swedge golf training aid!
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Swedge Swing Training Aid Receives “Seal of Excellence” from GolfTest USA

Edgewater, MD – Avid Golf announced the results today of testing administered by GolfTest USA on its award winning Swedge Swing Training Aid.

January 1st, 2013

“GolfTest USA has tested many swing training aids in the past twelve years but we have never seen one that was as easy to use and produced such positive results for most of the testers as the Swedge Training Aid,” said Wayne Williams of GolfTest USA. “One of the best features of the Swedge Training Aid is you can practice with it anytime. You don’t even have to be at the range hitting balls. You can swing anywhere with a club and the Swedge under your arm. It requires no time to set it up. You can practice for a minute or longer without having to plan ahead. One of the most important attributes of the Swedge Training Aid is that it is so affordable and everyone can get one and keep it handily attached to your golf bag to use anytime your swing gets ‘out of sorts’. In light of the extremely positive results compiled during the test GolfTest USA is pleased to award the Swedge Training Aid our GolfTest USA ‘Seal of Excellence’.

About The Swedge

A little over two years ago, Dana Clark signed up for a golf lesson with her good friend and teaching Instructor, Winnie Sewell, to learn to play golf. After a few short weeks of taking lessons, she found out that she suffered from what so many other golfers out there struggle with – the dreaded “chicken wing” or “flying elbow.” It’s a swing flaw that plagues many amateur golfers and is the reason most mid to high handicappers hook or slice the golf ball.

To fix the problem, Clark’s instructor showed her the trusted Towel Drill, where the golfer places a towel or a headcover under their arm in an effort to cure the “flying elbow” and keep them “connected” throughout their golf swing. At the top of the backswing, the towel should still be in place. Keeping the towel tucked under your arm creates more power, control and consistency. Golf instructors have been using this drill for years with much success.

Dana thought the drill was helpful but felt a little ridiculous making golf swings on the driving range with an old headcover tucked under her arm. She wondered why no one had developed a training aid that could work better and take the place of the golf towel or headcover that most people used.

After two years of research and development, Dana invented the Swedge swing training aid. The Swedge is a small, washable half-moon pillow covered with a durable nylon casing. It comes in three colors; black, red and blue and has a convenient clip that attaches right to your golf bag. It can be custom-logoed, even in small quantities for golf outings, promotions, gifts or tournaments prizes and is 100% Made in the USA. The Swedge is so effective and simple to use that it has everyone saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Swedge helps focus your attention on keeping your arm in the proper position, correcting several swing flaws simultaneously.

The Swedge will help you:

  • • Fix your hook or slice
  • • Keep you connected throughout your swing
  • • Improve your accuracy
  • • Increase your distance

Practice with the Swedge today and start playing better golf tomorrow!

Available in 3 colors
Keep it handy - clips right on your golf bag

Improve Your Golf Swing
Improve Your Golf Swing