Improve your golf swing with the swedge golf training aid!
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Golf Testimonials From Golfers Who Use The Swedge!




"Gives you instant biofeedback when you’re doing your practice on the range."

"The swedge is one of the quickest ways to achieve coil."

"Just having it under my arm helped me remember to stay connected."

"I'll be on in regulation a lot more often using the swedge."

"I love the swedge, you can’t say enough!"

"I was hitting the ball more solid!"

"I would recommend it to players who are ready to take their game to the next level."

"It's small, it's comfortable, it's not bulky. You don't have to set anything up, it's great!"

"After practicing with the swedge, I found that I could release better and could hit the ball 10 yards further."

Available in 3 colors
Keep it handy - clips right on your golf bag

Improve Your Golf Swing
Improve Your Golf Swing