Improve your golf swing with the swedge golf training aid!
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The Swedge Featured in New England Golf Monthly

July 16th, 2012

The Claim: For years golfers have been sticking a head cover or towel under their arm to cure the “flying elbow” or the “chicken wing” in their golf swing that ultimately leads to inconsistent shot making. The Swedge by Avid Golf is a simple and affordable training aid that is uniquely shaped in a “wedge” for the perfect underarm fit to cure your hooks/slices, keep you connected and improve your overall accuracy. The aid clips to your bag for easy access, is a washable pillow with a microfiber casing and comes in three universal colors, blue, black and red. Let’s see how the Swedge holds up with golfers of various abilities.

The Test: I used the Swedge with two other golfers on the range and around the putting green hitting various shots and placing the Swedge under different arms. Myself and the other golfers used the Swedge for a driver, mid iron, pitches and chips. The Swedge was placed under the right arm for long shots and under the left arm for pitches/chips. I even played around with it in between my wrists to help keep my arms in front of my chest at all times. We also tested the Swedge against a head cover and towel to see if there was any difference.

The Verdict: The results of the Swedge Test were phenomenal. The two other golfers had very long swings before and tended to lift their left arm away from their body on pitches/chips. With the Swedge their swings became much more compact and their short game became more consistent. They even had improved spin around the greens. The comparison against the head cover/towel was not even a contest. Because the Swedge is microfiber and is in a “wedge” shape it falls out from under your arm much easier forcing you to really focus on connection. If you or a fellow golfer just can’t keep the ball on the planet these days or have a case of the chilly dips around the greens this is a wonderful training aid for you. Gain an edge, practice with a Swedge!

To cure your wild shots and/or your double chips, visit and search “SWEDGE”.

Written by Greg Sampson, marketing manager for NEGM.

Available in 3 colors
Keep it handy - clips right on your golf bag

Improve Your Golf Swing
Improve Your Golf Swing